Adulting 101:
How to meet cool people doing interesting things


12:00PM - 1:00PM

Virtual via Zoom


Connecting with people professionally is hard. How do we, as young professionals, expand ourselves and our connections without seeming ingenuine or, even worse, inexperienced? Jason and Amanda of 10InHouse will share their individual approaches to meeting cool people doing interesting things, making friends, and changing the world. Some call this “networking.” We hope this candid and realistic approach helps you to connect professionally in ways that matter. 


About the Speakers:

Jason Tennenhouse considers himself a design strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has built strategies, created brands, patented products, and constructed spaces for hundreds of ventures of all sizes and across dozens of sectors, with a particular emphasis on high-growth tech. He has also founded toy companies,
restaurants, non-profits, innovation spaces, and think tanks. Jason has served as a strategist and designer for such clients as Cummins, Purdue University, Google, and The White House. J
ason particularly values social impact work, and in addition to serving on dozens of boards, being a Firefighter and Department of Homeland Security Incident Commander, an adjunct professor, and an ordained minister; he has helped start initiatives supporting such things as public art, literacy, healthcare, hunger, and clean water, and has served as a relief worker in Africa and Latin America, and has recently returned from riding his motorcycle through Ireland and visiting every country in the EU.

Amanda Findlay is a community-builder in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on the creation and
growth of startups and small businesses. She’s the Managing Director at MatchBOX Coworking Studio, and leads cohorts of founders through MBXax acceleration programming. Previously, Amanda was a founding member of the Purdue Foundry, has lead community women’s health initiatives, and has a degree
in PR and journalism. 

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