VIRTUAL EVENT: <BR>Email Efficiency for Outlook

Do emails have you stressed? Do you loathe coming back from time off to a full inbox? Is your new normal of working from home just answering email after email? You’re definitely not alone!

One study reported 80% of workers have some degree of work email anxiety. Another found that the average American worker spends 5 hours a day attending to email. So how do we juggle being responsive without jeopardizing our work assignments – and is it possible to do so without checking your inbox around the clock?

In this webinar, you’ll learn ACTUAL, detailed tools and tactics to conquer your inbox and significantly reduce email anxiety. Join us as speaker Sean McCan assists us in learning how to be more efficient and less stressed when it comes to email!


Buying and Selling Your Home 101

Ever ask yourself “Why didn’t we learn that in school?” Yeah, us too. Get ready to level up your life with TCYP’s Adulting 101 series. A panel of professionals will crash course you into some serious adulting knowledge. Make sure to join us all six times in 2020, with a different topic each time.

What You’ll Learn:
1) Buying a house is scary business, but, in this market, so is looking for one. The internet provides a ton of tools, which ones are worth the trouble? Learn when it’s time to use automated tools on the web and when a realtor should step in – and what you should expect from them.

2) Mortgage options are (seemingly) endless! Loans, pre-approvals, and down payments – OH MY! Hear from a local mortgage lender on how to finance that dream home, or starter home to save on astronomical rent prices. Oh yah – and what’s escrow all about?

3) Home Insurance shopping can be a drag if you don’t know what to look for. Learn from our insurance expert on what mistakes to avoid, what coverage in our area looks like, and how to successfully shop around.

Dane Harper, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.
Jason Everette, Ruoff Mortgage.
Lindsey Deno, Realtor.

Come hear some A+ information, ask all your questions, and leave more confident in your adult status.


Taproom Takeover

There’s nothing better than a beer and engagement with peers- that is unless you throw in a professional development opportunity, too! Venture to four different breweries around the Greater Lafayette area with TCYP in 2020! Spend 15 minutes hearing from the general managers, business owners, and decision makers of different taprooms on leadership, resilience, strengths, and branding as it pertains to their facility. Special appearances by the highlighted TCYP Members of the Month! 

Come for the talk, stay for the networking (and beer)!

Don’t miss your premier opportunity to socialize with other TCYP Members & meet local business owners. 

Quarterly Development Series: State of the Cities and County 2020

Don’t miss this annual update from Mayor Tony Roswarski, Mayor John Dennis, and commissioner Tracy Brown! Learn about key developments in 2020, and the community outlook beyond.

*Note location: Northend Community Center, 2000 Elmwood Avenue, Lafayette.

**Lunch provided by D&R Catering, parking available at Market Square.

11:30 Doors Open/Lunch Served
12:00 Program Begins
1:00 Program Ends

INnovations Series: Walking Away From Burn Out

Delegates Networking At Conference Drinks Reception

Find something you’re passionate about and figure out how to make money doing it. You’ve probably heard that at least one time in your life. Maybe you’re doing it today with your own business (props to you!).
If you’re like Mike Bristol, founder and CEO of UpLync Communications, you’re running a business far removed from anything you dreamed of as a kid.
No matter how you got there, you all have one risk in common — BURNOUT. But what can you do? You own a business. You’ve got to just “embrace the suck.” Right? 
Not necessarily.
From adventures, like hiking almost 50 miles, to daily destressors, Bristol is going to share how he successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) avoids burnout. After almost 25 years running a business, he’s tried more than a few different approaches. 
Bristol started UpLync Communications as a dial-up internet company. After about five years, he saw the internet infrastructure quickly changing and knew a dial-up business wasn’t sustainable. Given his experience with phone companies, however, he foresaw an impending transition for business phone services. Internet-based phones would soon start replacing copper phone lines connected to analog PBX systems (aka, the big box in the office closet).
Bristol shifted his focus from delivering the internet to using it to create reliable, affordable and flexible business phone systems. Today, UpLync is a leading provider of hosted VoIP phone systems to a variety of businesses around the country

Rise & Shine Greater Lafayette

Join us for a breakfast event unlike any other around. 

Networking, door prizes, community outreach and fun!  

Don’t miss your opportunity to “Shine”  with affordable sponsorships!  Be one of the first non-profits to check in and claim your $1 sponsorship!  Businesses can snag a $5 spot to “Go Live” in front of the crowd!

This event will run September to May as a season and will be open for a single registration or a season pass to attend every event.  Look for the event the first Friday of each month from September to May.

7:15 AM Doors Open
7:30 AM Program Begins
9:00 AM Program Promptly Ends 
For a sponsorship menu, click HERE.
Event Sponsors:

WBAA AM 920 / 101.3 FM       Fifth Third Bank

INnovations Series

What Business Owners Need to Know About the Law to Protect Personal and Business Assets.

Every business owner wants to protect their business. Do you know when to seek legal advice to protect your business? Learn best practices to limit liability and avoid entering into written agreements with unfavorable terms that could cost you money in the future.

Presented by Reid Murtaugh

Tippy Connect 2020 Launch Party

Are You A Young Professional? Do You Know Someone Who Is?

TCYP is ready for 2020, with new programming, professional development, and networking opportunities for our 2020 Members. If you are looking to expand your network and develop professional skills, come check us out! Meet, mingle, and learn all about what TCYP has to offer our members, local businesses, and the Greater Lafayette community.