Buying and Selling Your Home 101


12:00PM - 1:00PM



Ever ask yourself “Why didn’t we learn that in school?” Yeah, us too. Get ready to level up your life with TCYP’s Adulting 101 series. A panel of professionals will crash course you into some serious adulting knowledge. Make sure to join us all six times in 2020, with a different topic each time.

What You’ll Learn:
1) Buying a house is scary business, but, in this market, so is looking for one. The internet provides a ton of tools, which ones are worth the trouble? Learn when it’s time to use automated tools on the web and when a realtor should step in – and what you should expect from them.

2) Mortgage options are (seemingly) endless! Loans, pre-approvals, and down payments – OH MY! Hear from a local mortgage lender on how to finance that dream home, or starter home to save on astronomical rent prices. Oh yah – and what’s escrow all about?

3) Home Insurance shopping can be a drag if you don’t know what to look for. Learn from our insurance expert on what mistakes to avoid, what coverage in our area looks like, and how to successfully shop around.

Dane Harper, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.
Jason Everette, Ruoff Mortgage.
Lindsey Deno, Realtor.

Come hear some A+ information, ask all your questions, and leave more confident in your adult status.